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Originally Posted by ke6guj View Post
you can,

Thanks! I'm stupid. I knew that a couple of years ago when I was more active on these forums, I forgot now that I have returned.

it isn't in the forum software, but you can URL hack it yourself.

here is the URL for the new post search,

if you wanted to exclude the "off-topic" section, which has the URL,, you can see that 73 is the forum ID and that you would add that number to the exclusion section so it would look like,73

now, save that as a bookmark and your new post search won't show you any OT posts.
Awesome! I'm comfortable doing this. You rock!

I just tried this, hoping to use '91' to exclude all the marketplace forums, but that doesn't appear to work. I bet I need to include each marketplace subforum. There an "include" keyword I can use, but I think I've got about as many I want to exclude as include so I'm not sure that's net win. Off to go create the long list of excludes....

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