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Originally Posted by Eat Dirt View Post
First let me say Thank-You for coming on Cal-Guns and posting here .

You'll find this a very diverse group , From Lawers ,teachers , retired and current LOE, military. White and blue collar alike...............
And that these people are not afraid to roll up thier sleves and Help when asked .
When ever I have posted about a Clean-Up out on the forest land of Bee Canyon .I always get a full roster of volunteers to come out . And not always the same people . I've had people as far away as Riverside and San Bernadino drive all the way out to Hemet just to Help
A lot of our members belive that this is very important to"Help" to keep shooting areas like these open for future generations to enjoy

As my Grandfather brought me out to the Canyons to shoot ....Nothing makes me happier that to see a Family out for the day enjoying the area . A Dad or even a Grandpa showing the Grandkids how to shoot .Memories that will last forever................

Hopefully this will only be the First of many Clean-Up we can help the BLM with
That sums it up pretty nicely. To make sure we can always have a place to shoot, we will always need volunteers. We will probably do many more, because there will always be individuals that can never clean up after themselves.
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