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Originally Posted by LBDamned View Post
what CGN should so is take it down and tell JRA it will go back up in six months, they are getting caught up on more important orders right now...

I wonder how JR would respond to the same crap they do to people..

But seriously, they should.

I've had enough of this BS. I filed a dispute with my CC company today. 5 months of waiting and still nothing. This is the worst company I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with. I got lucky and my CC company added an extension to the timeframe that is typical for disputes. Thumbs up to Wells Fargo for helping my sorry *** out. I was stupid to think these guys would ever pony up my ammo, and even more stupid to allow a company to charge me before they shipped my product. Sorry to those that cannot dispute their charges but for those who still can, DO IT NOW! I'll take my business elsewhere.
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