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Originally Posted by Rusty Scabbard View Post
Is there a bullet puller that works with the reduced base dia. of this round ? Mine can't grip them.
I know others have taken a dremel to the one side of the little pie pieces that grab the rim, opened them up where the case is hitting and made it work. I am not sure if there is a puller that works out of the box but would like to know as well.


P.S. I am not sure if you are already aware, but I understand that if you are seeing pressure signs like the flatened primers then you have exceeded the max pressure of the .458 socom.

Warning for any who are unaware:
The .458 socom is designed to be a relatively low pressure and has some unique issues when hand loading.
I was totally unaware of this until I really started searching out load data online, and came across several experianced .458s guys urging caution.
A couple of quotes that stuck out to me.
When reading pressure signs the job is easy. You DON'T. The SOCOM uses large pistol primers. The maximum pressure for the .458 S as well as the Beowulf is 35K. By the time you see any pressure signs you are WAY over the 35K psi limit. Stick to established data. Forget the notion that you can load until you see the primers flatten and then back off a little. That will still put you about 8,000 psi over the maximum pressures allowable.
On a serious note, for ANYBODY reloading for the 458S: ANY Pressure Signs means your in dangerous territory and back off!

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