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First off, many thanks to everyone who has participated in this thread!
This was one of the threads that I found online that lead me to purchase my GSG 1911 about a week or so ago!

With that being said, I require some assistance.

So far, I have fired - 200 rounds of CCI mini mag down the range, and have experienced some marring/scratching as mentioned above.

I did not believe this would happen with only 200 rounds. Nonetheless, it was inevitable. I just wanted to get your guys take on it.

Here are some pics of my GSG! I really love the feel, look, and weight of the gun. I just wish the paint wasn't so cheap. Cerokote would do it justice down the road?

Have a look and tell me what you think.

Mods so far:

- Took some 400 grit sandpaper and tried to scrape off the paint on the barrel. My thumbs got blisters, so I had to stop. It looks ok though. It needs to be finished one day, then hit with some higher grit sandpaper, and then a wet/oil based sand to get it nice and smooth.

Looks like this happens as the rounds eject from the chamber. Probably nothing I can do about that?

Now this is my biggest pet peeve ever! The gun is brand new, I've only taken it to the range once, and this already happened! Looks like the slide rubs up against the lower receiver when the action comes forward! I noticed that the slide wiggles a slight bit left and right on the frame. It leans to the right though I believe. Could this be because my takedown screw is tightened too much? I tightened it just enough to where there was resistance and I stopped tightening it.

Here is some marring on the slide as mentioned above. I already have it, and I've only fired 200 rounds down range!


Mods that I will do in the very near future.

- I will get the CWAccessories SS guide rod.
- I want to get the EGW barrel bushing, but do not know which one it is. (Above its mentioned that you can obtain it from Midway accessories, could someone be kind enough to post the link to the one that fits our guns? Also, it just fits right in correct? We don't have to do any work for it to fit the gun?

Can anyone post any pics they have of the EGW barrel bushing so that I can see what it looks like from the tip of the barrel.

Any pictures of the stainless steel barrel bushing would help me decide if I want to get it.

I am all for it, but I have a feeling that it is very bulky and oval like. Is that the case? I would like it to be as flush as the original bushing.

Please give me your feedback on my post, and any information for the bushing would be glady appreciated.

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