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I would make a laundry list of items that you are going to be planning to claim. I would also advise that you include EVERYTHING that you can think of on that list. Remember, in order to be service connected, conditions or injuries only have to have started while in service, it matters not whether it was in the line of duty.

Take said laundry list to your appt, get it all on paper right away, this will help when it comes time to file any claims. Your doc will then set up the consults for the different clinics that handle different conditions. Don't no show/no call, it looks bad to the people processing claims. Try to make/go to as many appts as possible, the more evidence and history you have of treatment for conditions, the more your claim is justified. If you can't make it, call to reschedule, try to reschedule at least 24 hours in advance so that another Vet can have that appt slot.

Good luck brother!
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