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Originally Posted by Shenaniguns View Post
Besides him not being accepted by Sacramento County, I find it appalling that Ron would make this remark about 100% of his students which I KNOW is untrue:

Ron Etchells There is only one safety needed on gun; the person holding it. this mayhtis the result of Piss poor training.. lesson learned for those who insist they do not need training to get a permit. EVERY single person I've seen come thru my curriculum has had at least one safety violation, including those who preached how 'experienced' they were. Safety is paramount yet few have taken, nor want to take safety training. Btw, I carry a Glock because it does NOT have a safety, and I carry EVERYWHERE and the liberals cant do anything about it!!!
I could believe that... I mean, many folks who come through the CCW class likely never had to consider brandishing a firearm in urban/populated areas. Maybe there are retired LEOs or retired military individuals or whomever. But likely didn't have to carry concealed too often in public.

For example, he made the example of "thinking what's beyond the target".
Before I took that class, I thought if someone waved a gun at me, I could plain out shoot them for reason of "fear for my life"

Seems that's not true, as I need to consider innocent lives that may be behind the assailant. Even if I don't hit any innocents that may be behind the assailant, I still could be in trouble for firing my firearm and endangering others.

I don't know about "100%"... but maybe it is... I don't know.
I'm sure each person made some sort of mistake, however small or insignificant it might be.
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