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Originally Posted by Hallucinosis View Post
My first sig (P220 Combat)! Got it a few weeks ago (after about a 3 month wait--I really wanted the Combat version), along with 4 extra magazines. I've put a few hundred rounds through it so far, but I just ordered reloading dies (I borrowed my dad's equipment) and an additional 1000 rounds of 230grn CCI/Speer Lawman rounds. I initially bought 500 rounds, which won't to not last me as long as I thought it would. Also, this sucker throws brass FAAAAAAAR--my rate of brass recovery so far at my outdoor range has been bad (about 40%).

I'm getting my P220 combat out of jail this Friday and a few goodies. This will be my first Sig. I'll post a pic when I get everything on. Also got the 22lr conversion kit. Anyone try it yet?
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