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Here's what I have been sending to every politician with an email address in CA... I added some of my own common sense to help them understand...

As you have never considered the overall impact and ineffectiveness of your proposal SB249.

I am writing you to urge you to join Riverside County Sheriff Stan Sniff, myself and hundreds of thousands of law abiding California citizen in opposing SB 249 which will be presented to the Appropriations Committee on August 16th 2012.

In the words of Sheriff Sniff:
"Even more critically, we should not be turning entire classes of citizen gun-owners from all walks of life, which made good-faith lawful rifle purchases over the past few years, into criminals."

A criminal with ANY gun is dangerous. California’s approach to ban things for law abiding gun owners has zero effect on gun crime, law abiding people don’t commit crimes. In fact law abiding gun owners free to carry actually have been proven to prevent crime.

Here’s the stupidity of California’s 10 round magazine law and now the bullet button ban you propose … think about this… a criminal with a bagful of revolvers (which you are never going to ban) has more firepower than any gun available to a civilian anywhere in the U.S. a bad guy could buy or steal a dozen .357 magnum 6 shooters (for the same price as a semi auto rifle or less), load them up, put them in a gym bag and have 72 rounds without reloading, (about as powerful as a .223 rifle) and can shoot 2 guns at a time.

Thank you for your time and attention.
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