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Default Just got started

Reloaded SBR brass cases this weekend.
WLP primers
300 gr Sierra JHP
30 gr Lil' Gun
Then tried another batch with 31.2 gr Lil' Gun

All expended cases looked OK, but I had a bit of trouble getting consistent seating and correct OAL, especially with the first batch. Seating too deep definitely increases pressures. Worst case was one with 30 gr Lil' Gun, with OAL 1.994. Primer was flat but the case looked OK.
Groups were marginal (about 4"), I assume largely due to the different seating depths.

A few questions for the pro's and gurus here:
I'm using Redding dies. I couldn't get consistent seat depths. (+/-0.020") Can you get different seating inserts for the dies ? Am I better off with different projectiles ? The soft lead of the exposed JHP tips may have imperfections or diameter variation.

I could see a definite firing pin imprint after rounds were chambered. Are CCI350's harder than WLP ? Anyone have a favorite primer recommendation for this round ?

Is there a bullet puller that works with the reduced base dia. of this round ? Mine can't grip them.

Thanks in advance for any help !
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