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Originally Posted by SoCalXD View Post
I propose that we utilize a vetting process for general access to Calguns (probably refer to them as Membership Requirements). In order to join, or to maintain a membership, individuals must provide a combination of identification and references. NRA ID number, IDPA number, etc., plus at least two detailed references from a current vetted member, a gunshop owner, a range owner, an NRA Instructor/RSO, etc.
What a terrible idea. The "vetting process" is fine as is... this is a site for Californians with general interest in firearms, which is sufficient. I own several guns, of different types, but do not belong to any national dues-paying organization. Donations to the extremely-effective CGF are what I do, but there should not be any such requirement for membership on this board. Neither firearms ownership, nor organization membership.
Making guns illegal is as stupid as making drugs or prostitution illegal.

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