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Originally Posted by C.W.M.V. View Post
He actually used one of the 4 UAV's our brigade had for inspecting the uniforms of soldier on patrol and in combat.
It was not uncommon for a platoon to be on patrol and their 7 element get a call from CSM *****ing him out because one of the joe's had his chinstrap loose/unbuttoned.
He took combat assets and used them to enforce 870-1 on soldiers in combat. Ya, kinda made me crazy.
Our CSM was chill but our BN CO was a total douche and did just what you were talking about. I was the RTO and I got the call from "Spader 7" (BN CO) himself chewing me out because he saw that I had my sleeves rolled midway to my elbow. First and last *** chewing I got over a radio.

Originally Posted by Scuba Steve33 View Post
My CO was a PL in the Korengal and was awarded a Silver Star before coming to us. Awesome guy.
Do you know what unit he was in when he was in the Korengal? I spent some time in the Korengal with 3BDE 1ID, just curious if I know him.

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