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The smaller e-clip size is 3/32 and can be found at Hardware stores for a few cents

Replacement OEM Buffers (Black or White)
Some people feel that the older more rubbery buffer is better than the newer clearish white ones

OEM Recoil Spring

J&P Extra Power Recoil Spring

MCARBO Trigger Pull Weight Reducing Springs

Marlin OEM Magazines
10 and 7 round magazines work as long as they have the cut on the side that corresponds to the nub in the magazine well.
New magazines are backwards compatible with rifles such as the M70.
But older magazines will not work in new rifles without modification.
You are looking for "POST-88" Bolt and Auto-Loader Magazines Mgf ID: 71902

25 Round Shooters Ridge / Champion magazines
Note: California Magazine Laws apply to rimfire!
Supposedly these magazines are very unreliable

ProMag magazines
Note: California Magazine Laws apply to rimfire!
These are very new so little is known about them.
So far the reports are that the 25 round stick magazines work very well!

MAR-1 25 round stick magazine

Apparently Drums have become Vaporware
MAR-2 30 round drum magazine
MAR-3 55 round drum magazine
MAR-4 70 round drum magazine

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