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No mods need to be done to the 795. You will love your 795 right out of the box. (give it an initial cleaning as you would any new firearm)

Note: I am not responsible for any modifications / damage you do.
This information is for educational reasons only.
I do not advocate trigger work or defeating safeties if you are not confidant and proficient in doing such work.
A light trigger means nothing if the rifle is unsafe or unreliable.
Remember safety is always #1

Fog City Tactical Trigger Work:

Full Playlist of Videos

DUDE’s Tuning:

Trigger Return Spring:

Many people advocate the replacement of the heavy trigger return spring with a lighter one from a floppy disk.
Another route is to completely remove the return spring.
It is redundant, the Transfer Bar will supply enough force to reset the trigger.
Removing it will take about a pound of felt trigger weight off.

Magazine Disconnect Removal:

Bend the Magazine Disconnect Bar's Tab up Red Circle which will remove the pressure on the Transfer Bar circled in Yellow.

This will allow the trigger to be pulled when there is no magazine inserted.

Paint Over-spray:

Many people will notice that the inside of the receiver of their new Marlin may have some paint over-spray inside it. Many people suggest taking a scrub pad to the inside of the receiver and cleaning out that paint. Personally I just let the parts polish together from shooting it. But if your action is really gritty it is worth trying this.

Sear Reprofiling:

Marlin 60 & 795 Trigger Work by Eric0424

Empty Casing Extended Bolt Knob Mod:
Note: Most people epoxy the case on, others wrap tape around the handle and press fit it.
45 ACP & .30-30 are known to fit.

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