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Default SB-249 TO PASS

It appears this bill will make it to law. Last night, Yee stated on KOVR 13 News that he is ready to do war with us. KPIX Channel 5 started this war and all other stations are jumping on the band wagon. We need to strongly encourage CRPA to buy air time on major TV stations and present the other side of the story that won't be told by the media. Again, law makers are punishing law abiding citizens for the likes of a very few. For too long, the general public has accepted the line that, "It's for public safety." We now know that the agenda is to disarm citizens. If that happens, none of us will be safe in our own homes. Liberals argue that "Assult" type weapons are for killing people and have no hunting value. Truthfully, I've never had a bear try to break into my home, so go figure. Truthfully, we have sat for too long. The libs have a major lead on us. It's going to take a big battle to win and I'll bet most gun owners will be too busy.
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