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Originally Posted by pitchbaby View Post
See now... I saw my official law enforcement background check... Even though in 10 years I've had a handful of tickets, only one was readily apparent, and I think it may have been one that was dismissed if it is the one I truly think it was (I don't know how to read a police report, so I am a little unsure)... The only other thing that came up was an incident where I think it was the time I personally called Roseville PD, or at least, that is what it looked like to me. When I mentioned it to the interviewer he seemed to think that might have been the case as well. If there was more to it, he either missed it or didn't have it. He admitted he hadn't read everything in my folder, just what he felt looked to be relevant for the interview. He allowed me to take a look at the pages he was reviewing for myself. Like I say, I am no expert at reading a police report, but I look clean.

So, just for "sayin'... Officially... How am I not above any reproach? Prominent members right here at Calguns have to my face and in person told me they knew "behind-the-scenes" things about why I was denied after they poked around a bit, and think it is regrettable, but they are not in any position to be able to do anything about it. So, again... just for sayin' how does that happen in a county where issuance is otherwise seen as reasonable and easy? The only application I have submitted that I understand to have actually been treated as an application from what I understand was just denied for traffic tickets, so I guess that is what I walk away with. I was told by someone at the SO that one subsequent application wasn't even going to be processed as an application, or something to that effect, and the next one I tried had apparently been swept under the rug for almost 5 months till I called and finally got someone on the phone to tell me something.

I may be moving soon anyway, so I guess at this point all of this is neither here nor there.
Don't feel bad. I had a live scan even before my interview that was clean (no records found), haven't had a traffic ticket in over 10 years, veteran, etc., etc.....and I was not considered "above reproach"? Since we're looking to move to Texas to be closer to family, I've decided not to waste my time with the appeal process.
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