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Originally Posted by Gunwriter View Post
From AZ; my $.02
As California gun owners prepare for yet ANOTHER defeat and loss of rights and freedoms, an intelligent person asks "Why" and "How" this can happen?
The first is obvious: gun-hating Liberals and the complicit media.

The "how" is more painful to admit: Gun owners do not have a Central organization that provides Teeth to stop the laws via Federal courts. The NRA is useless. What is needed is $$$ for this specific purpose--and lots of it. A "Self-imposed" fee FOR THIS SPECIIFIC PURPOSE needs to be assessed on every firearm and ammunition sale in CA; nationwide if possible.
Call me nuts, but nothing else has worked so far...
as far as i am concerned every person in the country that wants to protect the 2A should be helping us..I call California a "Domino state" because they will infest other states if they see they can get away with it here much longer

Who do you think "Our" means when they say "Diversity is our strength"?

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