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Originally Posted by Lc17smp View Post
While I dont think the mag magnet was something that should ever been made I really doubt they are the reason we are in this mess. Have you seen the ranges lately or perhaps the yearly increase in dros for the last 10 years? The commies want gun control. things are getting out of control in their eyes and they want to stop it. Over 4 million dros in the last 10 years isnt really what they had in mind for us.
What they (gun grabbing legislators) have in mind for us and whats occurs are usually polar opposites.

Everytime some POS bill to reduce guns is pushed, the sales of firearms explode. EVERYTIME. The gungrabbers just cant seem to wrap their 4 braincells around this fact. This whole thing is going to be a spectacular failure for the gungrabbers. And sure as hell the sale of firearms are going to explode once again.
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