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@prob I totally agree with you. Some idiots will do anything to make a buck. . . reminds me of how United States aerospace including Continental Aircraft Engines, Superior Aircraft Cylinders and Engines, Cirrus Aircraft, Hawker Beechcraft . . . the list goes on have all sold out to the Chinese.

They (the CEO's and idiot businessmen) first ran their businesses into the ground through poor management, and then sold them off to the first bidder with money to get out of their problem. They sold them off for MONEY. Always with the promise that American jobs will remain here in the USA, but never with the promise that the decades of R&D and scientific development it took to get the companies and technology up to the best in the world wouldn't be given to the country that is going to become our next worst and largest political and economic threat. Good job you greedy, selfish fools.

Mag Magnet and Tac Mag you are cut from the same cloth. Thanks for selling everyone else down the river just so you could personally gain from it.

$100 a gun show donation ? Keep it. Put it in an envelope and send it to the Chinese embassy with a thank you letter for helping out American aerospace.
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