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It's nice that you're going to donate to help fight SB249, but let's be perfectly honest here, this problem exists precisely because of the products you market. How could anyone behind the research and development of this "tool" not figure out that it was going to come under fire? It is an obvious attempt to get around the bullet button rule that, up until now, had been pretty bullet proof. Now, because of the poor judgement of a few vendors who apparently don't have the foresight to see how their products affect the entire shooting community, we're all under fire.

How could you be so dense?

And before you accuse me of being a shill for the likes of Sen Yee, you need to know that I've been shooting and collecting guns long before most of the people who post on this forum were born. Do I like the bullet button? No. In fact I can't stand it, but were it not for the great guys behind Calguns, most of us would never have been able to even think about owning an AR15, an AK variant, or whatever it may happen to be that makes liberal democrats quake in their boots.

And then you guys came along to screw things up. So great, you're donating a pittance so we can fight one of the biggest legislative battles we've encountered in a long time. A fight that would never have come about were it not for you.

Thanks for nothing.
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