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Talking TACMAG Helping Calguns fight back.

Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and been trying to follow the issue with Sen. Yee. If you’re not familiar with us we are formally FMJ Reloads and we market a tool similar to Mag Magnet. Some of you may have seen us at the Crossroads Gun Shows. Our company (TAGMAG) has started to collect donations to help Calguns attorneys keep fighting against SB249. TACMAG will be contributing $100.00 from ourselves each show, as well as making "No on 249" Pins for $1 donations.

We believe that this bill will affect several branches of economics, recreation, and most of all our rights to own fire arms in the state of California. "Senator Yee, why does the military and law enforcement use AR-15 style guns; because they work to provide protection for our country and our communities?" The Colorado incident was very tragic but if one person in the audience had a gun to return fire maybe so many people would of not got hurt and the idiot would of fled. Now is not the time to keep restricting and cutting off avenues of revenue and activities for people in California. "I've had all I can stand I can't stands no more." -- Popeye. We will fight.
We also feel that it's important that any vendor selling kits relating to this bill please emphasize the use of it as a tool. Not doing so will just create uneducated citizens and the proper use of their fire arm in California.
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