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Thanks for the info "reloadyour9"

Ok fellas, update as promised.

I finally had time to get everything put together, I used a 6v 16A transformer, with a dimmer. I can get the wire red hot to melt off residual foam, then turn the heat down to cut. NO TRANSFORMER MELTDOWNS YET !!

I used the first aid kit steel (sealed) box, cut out the metal divider then cut the foam. I used 3 layers, 1/2" thick on the bottom, and top, and 3/4" in the middle. It all went relatively easy, had all the foam cut in less than an hour. I'm very happy with the results. The most important thing is PATIENCE !! Take your time with every step, trace your outline carefully, with the pen or pencil slightly tilted in so the foam will hold your ??? snugly in place. When cutting a straight line, I used a yardstick clamped to the frame. I was able to trim 1/8" using that method.

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