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Originally Posted by crashtest22 View Post
I dont think they are computer geekish enough to look at reviews online.
Chris is just a regular ex military guy.
simple man in my mind
There is some evidence that JRA monitors Calguns. Chris mentioned on their Facebook page that "contrary to rumors floating around the internet, they had not gone out of business". This suggests that he may be tuned in, or someone he knows is advising him of the chatter.

My order for 2000 rounds of 9mm placed on March 21st shipped half the order and I got it on June 25th or so. But only after begging Tia on the phone. They shipped that half and promised the remainder in a week. But the last 1000 rounds never arrived. And then the Facebook page went down.

My good news is that I finally got a refund from my credit card company after spending a few hours writing up a dispute. I also sent a letter to JRA canceling the last half of my order.

I also filed a complaint with the FTC. I recommend others do that too. This isn't benign incompetence or ignorance, it is fraud! And it is criminal.

I got my dispute processed and now I'm relieved. I hope other Calgunners prevail too. I will continue to follow this drama because I'm invested in the desire for justice.

I just placed my first order with freedom munitions and they confirmed shipment the next day. That's the way it should be.

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