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Went up to the Glass Factory last week on Thursday. Great weather, low 80s with a breeze. Besides the two guys I brought, we saw about 10 other shooters, a dad with some kids shooting .22s, a couple of guys shooting clays. We did bring an eazy up and some tables and chairs, I don't see a safety issue as long as you weight your eazy up so the wind won't blow it away.

Compared to some shooting areas I have seen, it wasn't too bad as far as trash. Yes, there was a lot of junk but I think a group of 10-20 people and half a dozen dumpsters could make that place sparkle in 4-6 hours. Except for the shotgun shells, there are literally thousands of them spread everywhere.

Shooters were safe, we called cease fires to change targets, "line is hot" when we were all ready to shoot.

I would definitely be up to help with the cleanup day, whenever you can organize it Craig and co.

Does anyone know if the range will still close for the fire season next week or if we may get a reprieve for the next month or so? Great range to shoot at and I made it there in a little over an hour. Nice to shoot at.