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I'll share my experience with JRA.

So, I ordered back in late January (order #386), they took out payment (from debit card) maybe a day or two after I placed the order. I got an email maybe a few weeks later stating they were behind on orders, they needed more time to catch up, if you want to cancel just email them your order number, etc. I was so caught up in the "deal" I got ($280 for 1k 45acp), decided to just wait it out. Well, June rolls around and I still didn't have ammo... and at that time I didn't really need it. So I asked for a refund via email, Tia calls me confirms refund saying she can send me check for refund (it would be faster). I said, that's fine. That was early June by the way... and then July comes and I didn't see a check yet. I emailed, called and left messages, no response... nothing. Tia was laid off I believe. I can't get my money back going through my credit union because they can only dispute up to 60 days. So, I can only wait at this point... and frankly I've lost hope. My order # is so low, and yet have nothing to show for it. This taught me an important lesson... just because the prices seem really good, be cautious... buy from reputable ammo stores that can fulfill orders on a timely manner and doesn't charge UNTIL it ships! I don't believe JRA are trying to scam us, they just bit off way more than they could chew.

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