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Originally Posted by masameet View Post
OP, if she told you about her past relationships and why they did not work out, and those failed relationships followed similar abusive and controlling events and patterns as your current one, then honestly there's no sense in beating yourself up about this failed relationship.

And if you intend to leave, why can't you take your kids with you? And if need be, sell your firearms to help keep you and your kids fed and housed?
I can't see taking kids from their mother. Plus I have been through this battle with my son, not a very easy road to tread.

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Originally Posted by bulgron View Post
(For the record, I think my grandchildren will be retired and moved to AZ before shall-issue CCW comes to this screwed up state... and my kids are still currently young teenagers.)
Originally Posted by hoffmang View Post
Wow. I'd work harder to stop the underage sex in your family

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