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I have been a member here for a while but have not posted in a while or at all cant remember until I post and see my post count...
I had ordered 1k rounds of 9 from jack ross and was up in reno to visit some family so I had called a few weeks before and told Tia I was coming.
I was up the week after the 4th and went in on the wed when I got there.
they had no 9mm processed but all the machines were running. when I went in it was around lunch and there was 1 lady there running everything in back.
I told her what was up and that Tia said she would pull my order.
she looked and there was nothing pulled....they had laid off Tia so no luck checking with her.
Gave her my number and said I would come back the next day to pick up.

the owner Chris called me the next am around 10 and said my order was ready.
When I spoke to Tia I told her I wanted a extra 800 rounds because I had a AMEX Gift card I had to spend.
gave her the number and she said she would charge when order was done.

So when Chris called he said it was ready and I went down.
all 1800 rounds new and shiny were on a bench waiting for my ammo can.
Tia had not run the gift card yet and he was going to let me walk out the door because he didnt know better.
I told him to run the card and he apologized to me a few times.....

With all this said I think he is not a good business man and just needs to get himself and the company's bugs worked out.. Once that is done and he does not pre-charge orders it will be all good.

I will order from him in the future when its caught up.

Just my .02
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