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If you are even reading all of this it is obvious that you are both in a relationship that is going no where and needs to end. Kids are no reason to stay in a relationship just to live in misery for the rest of your life or until the kids get 18 and have a bad example of what parents should be. Do the right thing, be a man accept your losses if that is what you want to call them and be the bigger person and move on. Be a father for your child and be there no matter what for them but do not get sucked into ever going back with her because she is the mother of your child or she has "changed". She will always be the psycho she is now with issues of her own that will carry on for the rest of her life and make yours miserable and your children as well. Pack your **** and leave with knowing that there is a better place to be. This is coming from a dad who's son is 15 now and can see how much his mom has lied and made things up and wants nothing to do with her. If you are honest and truthful and remain a decent person your children will see who is right and who is wrong. Never talk bad about the other person even if they bad mouth you all the time, be the bigger better person and ignore their little attacks and just lead by example, your children will thank you for it and be better people because of it. Mine is going career Navy and will end up either on one of the teams or working with them. I encourage him to do whatever he wants and to serve with honor and integrity, trust me living in your situation you and your children will never have happiness like my son and I have. Good luck and hope you make the right choice.
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