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Default Please continue Your Efforts to Stop SB 249 and SB 1221

On SB 249 and SB 1221

You Are The California Gun Lobby! Be Proactive and Get Involved

Please continue your efforts to stop SB 249 and SB 1221. These two bills may be heard as early as August 8. Voice your strong opposition! Please write, call, and/or go to the CRPA website at to email the Assembly Appropriations Committee members and your Assembly member. Don’t forget to spread the word to fellow firearms owners and sportsmen; share this alert with anyone who can help stop these bills. Contact information is shown below.

SB 249 Firearms: assault weapon conversion kits (Yee-D):
CRPA Bill Position: Opposed

On July 3, SB 249 made its way out of the Committee on Assembly Public Safety on a 4 to 2 vote. It has now been referred to the Assembly Committee on Appropriations and will be heard as soon as August 8. The Appropriations Committee hearing will focus on whether there is a substantial expenditure of state money or a substantial loss of revenue to the state if SB 249 is passed. SB 249 could shut down the sale of hundreds of thousands of semi-automatic firearms and components in California and result in the closure of firearms businesses, loss of jobs, and loss of tax revenue. This equates to a loss of millions to the state.

The author of SB 249 is attempting to make it illegal to sell and or possess thousands of commonly used semi-automatic firearms, as well as magazine release components. The current language in SB 249 is extremely vague, convoluted, and can easily be misinterpreted. SB 249 provides no clear definition of which magazine release parts would be legal for sale. And since not all semi-automatic firearms fall under the provisions of SB 249 there is room for more confusion. All of this will lead to confusion on the part of the public and retailers about what parts exactly can or cannot be purchased, sold, and possessed. There are hundreds of thousands of California residents who legally own semi-automatic firearms and magazine release parts who will be negatively impacted by SB 249. SB 249 does not address what happens to these gun owners who have in good faith followed the current law.

SB 1221 Mammals: use of dogs to pursue bears and bobcats (Lieu-D):
CRPA Bill Position: Opposed

SB 1221 failed passage out of the thirteen-member Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee on June 26 by one vote but ultimately passed out of the same committee on July 2 on a reconsideration vote (Vote: Yes-8; No-4; Abstain-1). The bill is now headed to the Assembly Committee on Appropriations and could be heard as early as August 8. In its hearing, the Assembly Appropriations Committee will concentrate on reviewing the fiscal impact of SB 1221. Their focus will be whether there is a substantial expenditure of state money or a substantial loss of revenue to the state by the passage of SB 1221. It is obvious that passage of SB 1221 would result in significant loss of revenue to the Department of Fish and Game due to few bear tags and hunting licenses being sold (a minimum of $500K), in addition to the loss of business and tax revenue.

SB 1221 proposes to ban sport hunters from using dogs to pursue bear and bobcat. The bill sets up a double standard by allowing government hunters to use dogs to hunt bears and bobcats, while sportsmen would be prohibited from using their dogs to hunt bears or bobcats. SB 1221 attempts to bypass the authority of the Fish and Game Commission, to manage wildlife in California, and proposes to move forward without following the mandatory environmental review (CEQA) and public hearings through the Commission.


Please contact your assembly member and members of the Assembly Appropriations Committee and ask them to oppose these bills.

• State that you are a member of CRPA
• Be professional and courteous
• Be concise
• State what the issue is
• State your concerns
• State what action you are requesting


Assembly Appropriations Committee members
Assembly members

IMPORTANT NOTE: You may find that some legislators try to reject your contacts if you are not from a zip code in their district. Please don’t be deterred by their attempts to silence you! Let them know that you have the right to contact them and that you will continue to contact them when there is a Second Amendment or hunting rights issue pending before the legislature. IT IS A DEMOCRATIC PROCESS AND YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE HEARD – DON’T BE SILENCED!
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