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Originally Posted by LdyApxr View Post
Ok, I am going to be blunt here(because I don't know any other way lol) but get the Hell out now! Seriously, I have been with my husband for 15yrs(married 10) and I have a son and we have a son together. I would NEVER think to go through my husband's phone or email and he is the same way. We have 7 computers in this house. They are strictly mine, his or our sons. We don't use each others computers.

As for what it fair financially? Go to family court, they will take in all information and will probably send you to mediation to hammer out a support agreement. Don't make any offers of money to her, let the courts handle it.

This woman sounds like a Control Freak and staying for the sake of "what will happen to the kids" is a BAD idea. I know, I've been there with my own parents and they were better apart and were great parents but together? No, my siblings and I all saw what was going on and it can get pretty ugly.
I appreciate the very honest reply. She will not let it go to court though as she didn't even want support from a non existing parent for her child.

I don't know if my own childhood or values is what's keeping me but I have the mentality of I'll go through hell and back for my kids. Even if it is dealing with my fiance lol.

What's funny is she states she always trusted me until my ex texted. Lol, yet she got my phone while I was sleeping. That doesn't sound trusting. Or how is it trusting that when I tell her nothing was going on I wasn't believed.

Thanks again.

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Originally Posted by bulgron View Post
(For the record, I think my grandchildren will be retired and moved to AZ before shall-issue CCW comes to this screwed up state... and my kids are still currently young teenagers.)
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Wow. I'd work harder to stop the underage sex in your family

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