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Arrow █ Sig Sauer SP2022 Build & Use Journal █

Well I told myself I would just get a shotgun in the beginning.
Picked up my 930 SPX (in my other build thread) and loved it.

Getting tired of going to a range 21 miles away to shoot anything other than slugs when there is an indoor/outdoor range 6 miles from my house.

Decided to get an entry level HG in low enough caliber for my girlfriend to enjoy.

Pulled the trigger on this beauty last night,
Sig SP2022 9mm

Fits my hand so well it almost feels like nothing is there.

Lots of paperwork for this new HG compared to the used SG I bought before.
We were so starving after the paperwork process that we stopped at Burger King.
Had to try the sweet potato fries while we were there.

So good.

Will be changing to a Sig Pro grip and adding the TruGlo TFO sights.
May look into a second Streamlight for the Sig, but the SG will be used for HD more so may skip it.

Ill use this thread like my Mossy's journal thread for range experiences and desperate cries for help

Let the waiting game start now! (Aug 3 pickup)
In us we trust. Knuckles up.

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