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Originally Posted by robertmcm View Post
Should be something there for you if you are a life member. I'm a benefactor member and I thought that was the end of the road, but low and behold I can join the "Presidents Council" for the 1/2 price of 500$ for my first year's annual membership. It never ends with the NRA. I am done with any sort of upgrades. I will kick in something when I feel like it perhaps in the future, but the last payment they got from me was paying for my last two boys' life membership.

If I send 20 bucks or so to a gun group, it has gone to the SAF, just because I like their litigation. Don't get me wrong, I am a big NRA supporter but they have tapped me out for a while. I don't mind sponsoring new life members, so I feel that is my little contribution to them.

All of you folks who have done so, thanks for standing up for all gun owners. However, please consider the Second Amendment Foundation. It is a measly 15$ a year. No frills group, no nice magazine, maybe a quarterly newsletter if they don't miss it, but 30 lawsuits in federal court currently. These are the guys who gave us McDonald vs Chicago, and almost everything since. Worth a look
BTW, before I even started this thread at calguns, I had sponsored close to 200 NRA life members. I called the SAF and asked them if there was a similar special they could give, and I would try to help. They declined based on the fact their life membership only cost 150 and is a bare bones price to start with. Heck all the stuff they send and the postage it takes to get it to you is probably 50 bucks right off the top. Belt buckles, plaques, and a box full of other stuff. I was surprised, because for two years as a regular member, I didn't even get a card. Seeing them litigating was enough reward for me.
Agreed. I'm going to also set up donation of my gun collection when I die to the NRA Heritage Society and then that's it. Everything else to Calguns or the SAF. Maybe I'll buy a life insurance policy through the NRA when I get older.
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