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Changed some stuff around on the 308:

Replaced the Ergo palm shelf grip with a Magpul MOE in the interest of making it a bit more compact. Added some stippling with a wood burning iron.

Replaced the Carlson Comp I had originally installed with one of the new YHM Phantom muzzle brakes. The YHM's bore is a bit tighter and it seems VERY efficient at stripping gas away as the bullet passes though it. Muzzle blast from the sides is brutal

I also swapped out the Brugger & Thommet lightweight bipod for a Caldwell XLA 6-9" pivot model bipod. The B&T bipod lacked the ability to effectively level out the rifle on uneven terrain. I was digging out dirt from under one leg to even things out, but the recoil from the rifle was pushing the bipod leg out of the depression I had dug for it. It was pretty annoying, hence the switch to the pivoting bipod.

The rifle is also sporting a chopped/pinned 10 round 308 Pmag. With the shorter Magpul pistol grip especially, the full length 20 round mag body was hitting the ground before the pistol grip. It was limiting my ability to shoot at an upward angle. When you are lobbing 190's out of a 16" barrel, turns out everything is at an upward angle

I think this is pretty close to final version for this one. The only other changes I plan on making are switching to an adjustable gas block, and maybe adding a set of 45 degree iron sights (Scope sits to low to run folding BUIS under it):

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