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Originally Posted by iBkickinit View Post
Hey everyone, thought I'd share two of my Saigas with y'all. The first is an AOW I built on a Form 1. I started with a standard Izmash 109 and stripped it down as the donor. I cleaned off all the engravings and rail on the receiver, and milled a replacement trunnion to spec per ATF rules. It features an 8-inch barrel with flash hider and is 19.5" long. The forward grip makes it VERY controllable. Nickel plated w/black furniture, HK Iron sights, stainless gas puck and Tromix front rail. Enjoy!
so you made a trunnion but i am confused with the "cleaned off all engravings" can you explain that
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Before I refuse to take your questions, I have an opening statement.
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