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Originally Posted by CitaDeL View Post
I think it would be interesting to apply and recieve approval and return with a training certificate after their 'training authorization' letter expired. It would give a new meaning to suing ever m-f'r in the room and make every rural county's bean-counter pucker.
CitaDel, while I applaud your enthusiasm, the Sheriff here seems to be a real friend to the Second Amendment and I think he's just trying to make the process as painless as possible.

Two years ago, you took the class first and then applied for the permit. I suspect what happened is that some people who were disqualified took the class and then got upset that they'd spent the time and money (and took up slots in classes that other people might have had) and gotten turned down.

So, to save everybody a lot of grief, I think they decided people should apply first, so you haven't spent the time and money on the class if you're just going to get turned down. But, they're also savvy enough to know that if they don't put an expiration date on it they'll eventually have somebody in their office waving a five year old letter and making a scene.

So, I think they just picked 30 days out of a hat, not realizing that it's actually kind of tough to get scheduled in 30 days. So now they've extended it to 60, and really, I doubt they'd give you trouble if you walked in with a letter that's a couple of weeks expired. They're good guys, really, they're not trying to trip you up, in fact they're very friendly and helpful over the phone about what to put on the application. It seems like if you're a law-abiding citizen they want you to have the permit, and it shows in both their words and their actions.
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