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Default Almost there...

Happy Friday! They're not out of business yet. I placed an order for 4 cases, 2 of new .45 ACP and 2 of reload 9mm, in late March with an order number in the high 900s. I received one case of .45 ACP last week and both cases of 9mm earlier this week. The wayward case has a tracking number showing that shipping information has been received, but it hasn't shipped yet and it's been a week.

I did receive a "Your order has been completed" e-mail which I responded to politely pointing out the missing case. I'll update when that arrives.

Outside of a lady leaving a voicemail message and a quick e-mail exchange verifying that I wasn't disputing anything I haven't communicated with JRA.

Hopefully this bodes well for everybody who's still waiting (me included)!

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