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Originally Posted by beerbeer95648 View Post
Too soon? No.

I moved from Placer recently to El Dorado. I scheduled my initial appt once I knew my closing date. I scheduled it for the week after closing. I immediately changed my DMV registration and got a new one issued. When I had my first appt to turn in my application I only had my registration and my mortgage booklet. They could not accept the booklet, but started my process anyway. I then supplied the 2nd form of residency at the interview. DMV wouldn't issue a new drivers license with my address.
I showed up a week after my close with my mortgage insurance policy and various papers from the purchase of the home. My interview was friendly and generated a few eye rolls while discussing my Placer county experience. Spent about 30 min total.

I did my class again as I was denied a year ago by placer, and I am currently waiting out the 8 weeks. 1/2 way done tomorrow.

I encourage anyone currently lucky enough to live in EL Dorado County to apply or if you are looking to buy a home do what I did and get the hell out of those other counties if you can.
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