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Default Glass Factory Clean-up For July 28th - Cancelled

I've made the rounds and have no confidence in enough bodies to assist in this clean-up.

We'll have to get through August and plan one for early Fall. If by chance the range falls into closure for the fire-season, we can still have a clean-up, but no shooting and that, I feel, will yield even a lower turn-out.

As for the number of dumpsters, I can get up to 6 in a day, but I must be calling ahead to keep the turn-around going. We might have an easier time of arranging a tractor, fire-crew, etc... in the Fall.

As for the range improvements:

The video system is out due to high cost and bureaucratic paper-work.

New/more shooting tables... forget it, I will not bring anymore in for IDIOTS to blow the legs off.

Covered firing line awning, see above.

I might, however place metal silhouette targets, out at certain distances.

So that sit fore now. Comments welcome. Have a great summer and play safe.