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Who's that guy with the "Armed Infidel" hat?

Great class! So many skills are just automatic for me now. The drilling was excellent. My gun was malfunctioning in a minor way 1/2 way thru that was really impacting my reload times, and a short conversation with Hollywood at lunch on his own time (cuz thats just the type of guy he is) and I figured out some adjustments I could make and BINGO!...welcome back to open chamber on empty!

The classes couldn't be more fun! they keep you shooting all day while passing on skill building that will last a lifetime.

A special thanks to all instructors. There are so many classes out there one can take at all different prices. You guys are the ones that really stand apart from all the others I have trained in pistol with before that I wish I could go back and had it been with you at whatever price.(bold statement in a sport as expensive as this I know, but from the heart)

So even if you're the type of guy to move right when supposed to go left while live-firing drills, "STRIPPER ON A POLE" can save multiple asses at once!

If you dont just have to take the class....SO worth it....cant wait for 1.5 and 2.0.

and for those of you that were there.... Geek Award recipient....OUT!

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