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Originally Posted by Cpl_Peters View Post
this legislation will pass in some form or another in the near future. I knew as soon as big 5 and turners started selling black rifles to every person who walked in that it would get out of hand and be over. something similar happened with open carry...and look what happened. CA isn't a gun state. I hope to eat my own words on this one but im a realist.
unfortunately you are correct. they will nickel and dime us until they render our weapons useless, though the bb is pretty much useless. and going featureless w/ an AR defeats the whole purpose of the AR. I'm going rifle at this point, that should hold me for a little while until i can retire and bug out of this libtard state in a few more years. I love CA, but not as much as i used to, the golden state is tarnished.....
<6 years till retirement, can't wait to leave this state
California, where all of the good stuff is banned, registered, regulated or prohibited, yay.....
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