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Originally Posted by epilepticninja View Post
I feel the same way. I think its a lost cause. Way too many people in CA politics that believe guns are a bad thing. I hate to be a defeatist, but this is a bad law, introduced by a hypocrite politician, to a political body full of gun/gun culture haters. Yee is going to ride this thing to the top, get it signed, and then campaign like crazy on how he got rid of "assault weapons" in California. I really and truly loved this state until I got back into guns a few years ago. Now I loathe living here.
exactly how i feel. My son who goes to a local JC, can't finish, because of the reduction of classes due to the lack of money for the school district. they have cut numerous sports programs, he wanted to play basketball, but lo and behold they've cut the basketball program. He has to go to 3 different JC's just to get the classes he wants. Wake up CA legislature! Taking away the weapons from responsible firearm owners is what they really want to do, that's the long term plan, whether you want to hear it or not....
<6 years till retirement, can't wait to leave this state
California, where all of the good stuff is banned, registered, regulated or prohibited, yay.....
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