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Thanks EB,
I wanted to make one big enough for a certain project, I read what you said about supporting the work, so I made it big (hopefully enough). I really don't have room for it but I'm sure I'll find a place for it.

Well, I blew up my second transformer today. I was going to do all the ohms law stuff to try to figure out why I popped the first one, but once I got everything hooked up again, I got impatient and started cutting. I took it real slow, but the wire kept cooling off and the foam would bundle up on the wire and stop all progress. Then the "Magic Smoke" escaped and I couldn't collect it fast enough to get it back in.

I found a very cool website, did a little reading and found out the answers for my questions. Check this out,

There are some links, and of course products to buy. It seams that my 20gauge wire needs about 6-8 amps to work properly, so the 2 amp Radio Shack transformer just didn't have enough ooomph to get the job done. So, smaller gauge wire and lots of time, or BIGGER transformer for more power and faster cutting. Since I don't have any patience can you guess which way I am going?
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