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Originally Posted by finyllw View Post
Way better, Thanks.
That is a pretty nice cutting station you built there. I wish I had room for something like that. Are you going to put a spring on it as others suggested to keep tension on the wire?

Originally Posted by Tack425 View Post
Nice work. Too bad Im here near San Francisco. Looks like Ill have to tackle this one on my own. So do you start the process with Skyy? or end with it?
Neither, you can start light, with a beer. But about 30 or so minutes into it, you'll need a serious drink. It doesn't have to be Skyy, or even vodka for that matter. It should be a drink of your choice (possibilities are nearly endless here), but you should not skip it, I warned yous

Originally Posted by Eddy's Shooting Sports View Post
Hot wire cutting makes for great results as presented here, but it sure is a lot of hassle.

Go to Bed Bath and Beyond with your 20% off coupon you got in the mail and buy an electric carving knife. You know, the one with two reciprocating blades. Lay your gun on the foam, trace it with a sharpie, and carefully make your cuts. Think like you are using a jigsaw in wood and sacrifice the foam being cut out so you are always ending a cut into the sharp corners. Total time for a simple cutout is about ten minutes.

I keep my e-knife in my toolbox at the shop and offer to let any customer buying a pelican style case to use it. It even works well with the pick and pluck foam.
What he's referring to is a process that is somewhat like in the video below. However, if you have time and want a little project, hotwire is the way to go. Yes, it is a lot of hassle, but the results are incomparable in my opinion between the two.

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Weapons Case Hotwire Foam Cutting
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