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Originally Posted by AirShark View Post
If you actually organize this, please for the love of all that is good:

1. Stay civil, it's only money...although I'm sure the bs from the JRA booth will be thick and untruthful.
2. Take as many pictures and video as you can to share. I will go buy some popcorn in anticipation lol.
If I hadn't already cancelled I'd be there with you guys! I think what you're doing is awesome. Walk up, pick out what you "want" (making sure it's the exact same amount as you have backordered), and when they ring you up, say, "Oh I've already payed, but here's what I owe you for tax..." The looks on their faces would be priceless. Someone should get pictures.

Just be sure to have a printed invoice of what you've got backordered.
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