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From Chris just now on FB:

"Jack Ross Ammunition We actually have a very sustainable business model. We take all the used brass that ranges produce, sort it, process it, load it and then send a portion back to the ranges as payment for the brass we received. Whats left over is free for us to load and ship out the door. This is a very labor intensive process and with our reduced workforce it has required 10 hour days for us to make headway. We just finished processing through a 600lb barrel of brass and will begin loading the 9 we pulled out next week. We must send some to the range to get more brass but we will also be shipping some out to those at the top of the list. We are still functioning and still have cash flow, our ability to process has simply been cut tremendously. We do not feel proud that our customer's are losing confidence in us but we are not going out of business and I can guarantee that after this is over we will emerge a better company. I will be able to give a clear idea as to a time frame around the middle of next week once we settle into a routine and can calculate how much we can ship out per week. The majority of the orders are single cases of 9mm but we can only load as much as we receive per barrel. Your frustration is more than evident but we have a plan and we are sticking to it. Thank you for understanding."

So I still want to know what my money went towards. He is saying that they get range brass, reload it first and then ship back a reloaded portion as payment. The rest of the leftover brass is what they reload for customers. Wtf? Help me understand again what our money is/was paying for?
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