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Originally Posted by DarkSoul View Post
These guys got real balls selling at gun shows, and NOT shipping their web orders. It appears that they have the equipment, and the raw materials, so what the hell? Something is going on here, and I would bet they are just stringing people along until they bank enough money that they can leave the country and live on everyone else's dime down in Mexico or something.

It's ashamed that so many people have been suckerd by these d-bags.
I'm quite sure of the reasoning behind selling to anyone who walks in the door instead of shipping paid-for product: Money (duh I know)

They've already spent my money and yours. They don't have enough capital left to fill the orders they've taken. They've used that money to move into a new building and pay overhead. They even laid almost everyone off because they don't even have enough left to meet payroll.

Over on Glocktalk, someone claiming to be a laid off employee says JR was back ordered over a MILLION rounds of JUST 9mm in MAY. I can't even fathom what that number must be now.

They're only shipping ammo back to the ranges that supply them brass (per their OWN Facebook admission) to keep big orders coming. The guy walking in the door is fresh meat. More cash in their account. The obligation to people like me who's money they ALREADY have? apparently. I just want to scream at them...if they would only answer their phone lol.

They left some quip on FB abut a bbb rep and a cop coming to their building and leaving disinterested.

This man TRULY does have balls to steal, ignore and then mock the very people he is screwing.

Screw you back Chris Parker.

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