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Blazer LR - Lead, RN (Round Nose) - No issues. It fed realiably (as expected) and was the go to ammo for both my GSG and the Advantage Arms/Glock .22
The only issue I noticed was the failure to fire when my mom was shooting the GSG. For whatever reason the hammer would drop and it wouldn’t go off. I never experienced that problem, nor my Dad, so I am chalking that up as Mom’s fault.
I would be interested to hear if anyone has any ideas on that. She’s a southpaw for what its worth.

Win Xpert HV - Lead, HP - Fed fine, shot fine, but I did have two failure to extracts. Enough that I had to drop the mag, clear the chamber, and use my fingernail to get under the rim of the brass to pull it out of the barrel. This may be due to the cleanliness but i’m not sure. Any ideas?

Rem High Velocity - Round nose - I only shot this because it was on the table - I’ve shot it consistently before (see previous posts) and it has a tendency to not go bang. It is cheap .22 though, so meh.

Overall it was a fun trip. Mom doesn’t usually go shooting with Dad and I but it was nice to have hear along. She took some videos on her igizmo but i’m to embarrassed to post ‘em. There were of me shooting steel as fast as possible without missing 31 rounds in a couple seconds. Not for accuracy, but just for fun. It is .22 after all

Maybe i’ll visit Sunnyvale R&G to do more shooting, try and finish out these boxes.

I’m open to suggestions of stuff to try, different ammos, etc - If ya’ll have an idea, please let me know. I try to stick “bulk” stuff because this is after all, mainly a plinker for me. I have run CCI stingers and minimags with 100% success.
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