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Well it’s about time I update so here goes:
# of Rounds: ~ 3000
Ownership: ~ 1 year

Still a

First I would like to address the “blown up/exploded” thread(s) I have seen and read about. While that is not my personal experience I would urge anyone considering this pistol to weigh that heavily. Safety is first after all, and I would hate for someone to read this thread, expect a flawless pistol, and have that happen to them.
That being said I hope those with issues continue to update said thread(s) with their customer service experiences and I hope they get back to shooting them soon.

Another thing I would like to point out is the prices of these pistols (used) are right around the $300-$350 mark which make for a decent priced plinker, IMO.

I am still happy I have mine and it goes with me to every range trip.

Last week I was able to go out with Mom and Dad for some “holiday” shooting. My father picked up an AA Glock conversion not to long ago and wanted to try out some new magazines and different ammo.
One setback I did notice was that the Glock conversion is not meant for HV (high velocity) rounds - something that the GSG is built for. Another thing I noticed between out two .22s was that the Glock conversion is supposed to shoot round nose bullets and not HPs (hollow points).

That being said, of the 4 types of ammunition we brought with us, he could only shoot two.

I was shooting between 10-15 yrds @ a 6” square:

The 4 types were:
Federal Blue Box
Blazer Long Rifle
Win Xpert HV
Remington HV Round Nose (“Golden Bullet”)

I went about 200 on each except for the Rem.

Federal BB - Copper Coated, HP - I had issues feeding this and I was surprised. It was the first type I tried and have used it successfully before but this time it just wouldn’t feed. I did a quick lube and boresnake before heading out but after this event I stripped it down and gave it a good scrubbing. When cleaning I noticed HUGE build up around the feed ramp and in the corners of the breech area. I used CLP and brass brush scrub, CLP & Brass brush again, CLP and a QTip, then wipe and lube. So, IMO the ~600 rounds I fired that day couldn’t have resulted in that amount of build up so I chalk that up as a mix of the ammo and the cleanliness of the gun.
Lesson: I’m ready to try Win BB again.
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