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Originally Posted by finyllw View Post
So the last couple of weeks have been VERY busy for me. I had a regular monthly Cowboy action shoot, 8 stages, about 24 rounds per stage. Finished cleaning the guns and making bullets Saturday night around 11:30pm. Sunday was hot, finished the match, did ok, 1st in my class. Tues night out in the shop getting ready for a special 4th Of July Cowboy shoot. 5 stages 24 rounds each. Did not so good. Wed night my SIL came over, we loaded about 100 rounds of .223. During that time the lights in my shop started flickering and actually went out a coule times. Noticed my patio lights freaking out as well. Reset the breakers, all was ok. Thursday night more electrical problems, this time smoke started rolling out of a socket. So gathered up all powder, primers loaded ammo and moved it all to garage. Unplugged everything, shut off breakers called electrician. Saturday he went through everything found out my shop was wired WAY wrong. NOTE: I bought this place 2 years ago, shop was setup by other guy.

Anyway, my electrical guy got things working, needs to come back to rewire from the main box to the sub box, then from sub box to shop YEAH!!! $1K +. But things were working for now. So I go out and finish my foam cutter. SEE PICS. Got 3/4 done on first piece, lights dimmed, heard a POP, then smoke started rolling out of ......FOAM CUTTER. I think my transformer blowed up. Not sure why, but I may not have enough resistance in the curcuit, maybe pulling too many amps overheating the transformer. I'm bummed i couldn't at least have finished one project.

I too forgot step number 2, all I have is tequilla. Yuch. If any of you have the chance, would you please check reisitance with transformer wires unplugged from Nichrome wire all the way back to transformer.

The last picture shows the rough edges, I think the wire was cooling off or I was pushing the foam through too fast. Also as a reminder, the foam will flex and distort if you push it too hard. SLOW DOWN. DON'T FORGET STEP 2!!
That's better!
You will never, in your life, have a chance like this again.
If I were you, I would not pass this up. I would not let this go by...this is rare.
Come on...what harm??
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