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Originally Posted by ParadigmGuy View Post
I initially posted this in the shotgun forum, but it was suggested that I also post here.

We have an 870 that we originally bought for home defense. My wife doesn't like to fire it though because of the recoil. So I'm looking for a shotgun that we can use for home defense, maybe hunting in the future, and has less recoil. I'd like to stick with 12 gauge if possible.

I've read a little about the Remington 1100 and 11-87, both seem like decent options. I've also read about stocks that absorb more recoil than others. She's fairly small, about 5'3" and 120 lbs.

Any other options or suggestions that I should look into?
Any weapon platform has recoil, even a .22LR pistol. Learn how to shoot a shotgun correctly, ie, stance, grip, sight picture, trigger control, by taking shooting lessons. Beyond that a gas operated 20 gage is your best option.
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